About 1inch plug-in, Does the plug in support "fee" & "referrerAddress" argument?

Hi Team,
It is very convenient to have 1inch plug-in which makes the developer’s life much easier.
I am working with potential customer on making a simple dex which might take use of 1inch plug-in of moralis.
We would like to add a add on fee when user swap by our dex.
And I actually check that 1inch official API does support “fee” and “referrerAddress” parameter for “swap” API. like below:
But in Moralis’s 1inch plug-in document, it does not show “fee” and “referrerAddress”. Like below

I am wondering if I can just simply put these two arguments into the swap function and it will be working normally?

Hi @happyeric77

As a referrerAddress we have inputed our wallet. If you want to specify your own address - you can create your own code for interacting with 1inch

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Hi yomoo, Thanks again for your prompt response. Does it mean that we are not able to use the referrerAddress argument as it has already been used underneath the moralis SDK. And If I want to have add-on fee, I will need to use the official 1inch api instead of 1inch plug-in. Is my understanding correct?

You can’t change it.

Thanks, It is so that I will need to integrate with 1inch official API instead of using 1inch plug in if I wan to have my own referrer address right?

If you want to specify your own address - you can create your own code from scratch for interacting with 1inch API

Hi Yomoo, perfect, I got it. Thank you.

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