504 Gateway Timeout and CPU 100%

We are testing our server with about 300-500 CCU, but keep getting 504 Gateway Timeout and 100% CPU

We are using Pro Plan.

How can we improve the infrastructure

you can upgrade your server separately to a better configuration, is this an upgraded server? can you share your server subdomain/url?

Please tell me how can I upgrade my server.
My server is: https://e4xixc3alpov.usemoralis.com:2053/server

you can send an email to [email protected] and @kresimir can help you to upgrade the server

@kresimir, @cryptokid, I just sent an email. Please help me check. Thanks.

Responded via email, @nkduong :slight_smile:

Purchased the Moralis Optimum Server. Please check mail.


Can I switch the Moralis Optimum Server license to another server?
We purchase Moralis Optimum Server for open testnet. Now when my Dapp is stabled, I want to create a new server for mainnet. And I want to switch that license to the mainnet server.

Please contact kresimir in support - [email protected], lets keep this ticket to tech issue at hand only